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Study plans

(1) Bachelor’s Study

(2) Master’s Study

(3) Doctoral Study

In the post-graduate doctoral study, the absolvents master methods of scientific work in the area of applied research and development of industrial and service robots and their applications with considerable use of mechatronics approach to the development of these complex technical systems. In the domain of theory of solving inventor's problems absolvents learn the basic methodical and scientific procedures, in the domain of construction they obtain quite extensive knowledge about design and optimalization of mechanical subsystems with computer aid. In the domain of control and sensory systems, emphasis is laid on the up-to-date technical and SW means of control, environment perception and communication with human and in the domain of actuating subsystems it is knowledge of new electric, hydraulic and pneumatic drives and their applications.

Topics for doctoral theses

For information about the topics, please contact the head of the department or directly a particular tutor:

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