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The remarkable boom of mechanical engineering industry in the region makes demands on specialists in the branches of service robotics, industrial robotics and mechatronics and their research and development capacities. Therefore there is a big call for absolvents of our specialization Robotics and also for cooperation with the team of department’s employees and PhD. students. This concerns not only automotive industry with huge numbers of industrial robots in use (for example Sungwoo-Hitech, Hyundai Nošovice, ABBB robotics), but also development of service robots.

Currently, the department deals with problems related to detection and emergency robots for rescuers, firemen and pyrotechnists. This research is supported by a grant from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and many of the prominent companies not only from the region participate on it, for example Strojírny Třinec a.s., Fite a.s. Ostrava, THT s.r.o. Polička, ÚJCHBO Příbram, Robotsystem s.r.o. Horní Suchá, Daniševský s.r.o. Polička, Moravský výzkum Brno. Another project is related to light technology and is being solved for Visteon – Autopal.

The department has its technical background in the Robotics Centre and also in the recently built Center of Advanced Innovation Technologies of VŠB, mechatronics division, on the university grounds.

Aim of Research Activities

  • Construction and design of machines and work-cells.
  • Methodology of the machine design, methods and tools for the development and innovation of machines and technologies.
  • Optimization of parameters of machines.
  • Design and operation of robotized workshops, design of special periphery equipment and accessories.
  • Development of service robots based on the new concepts for new applications.
  • Biorobotics.
  • Mechatronics – modelling and simulation of the behaviour of machines including drives and control systems.
  • Computing of the kinematic and dynamic parameters (reactions, stresses) of spatial mechanisms.
  • Positioning mechanisms, mobile robots.
  • The theory of the artificial muscles and anthropomorphic grippers.
  • Kinematics models of walking and anthropomorphic robots.


  • Development, design and production of the special machines including control systems.
  • Development of control systems based on industrial PCs.
  • Exact positioning systems using step motors, DC and AC motors.
  • Design and manufacturing of a prototype of an anthropomorphic gripper.
  • Projects of production systems with industrial robots.
  • Design of the special periphery, equipment and accessories.
  • Consultancy and technical designs based on the structural, cost and functional analysis of products and processes.

Technical Equipment

  • Robotics: 12 industrial robots (6 Czech, 2 English, 3 German).
  • CAD and simulation software: Pro/ENGINEER (3D modelling), Pro/MECHANICA (kinematics, dynamics, FEM), MSC Adams (kinematics, dynamics of mechanisms, control, mechatronics), Matlab/Simulink (simulation, control).
  • Invention Machine and TechOptimizer (Computer Aided Innovation).
  • Control and visualization - SW InTouch (monitoring, control), modular control systems (industrial PC cards).


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