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Who We Are

Our team is a group of students who’s the most favourite computer game is CAD software and simulations. We worked on several smaller projects but we wanted to try something bigger, some competition, some CHALLENGE! .

We are students from the Department of Robotics and our rover is going to win! (eventually :D )

What We Do

Our specialization is mechanical design, but in robotics is important to have knowledge in programming, electrical design and propulsion control. Our abilities are:

  • Mechanical design and CAD software
  • Simulations
  • Programming in ROS
  • 3D print

Our Vision

GUI Design

We want to create the most user friendly graphical interface for our teleoperation.

Mechanical Engineering

The undercarriage is designed with the help of dynamic simulations to not lose trantion on a rough surface.


We use the almighty Robot Operating System to develop our control applications. This allows us to use the state of the art tools a expand them to our liking.


The rover is equipped with cameras and lasers that provide a wide range of sensor data. All of this data is necessary for our upcoming work on autonomous task completion.


Our robot is equiped with failsafe mechanisms to ensure the safety of its surroundings.


In this project we can unleash our imagination and create new solutions in robotics.

Meet the team

The team consists of Ph.D. students and graduate students from the Department of Robotics at Faculty of mechanical engineering VŠB-TU Ostrava.


Robert Pastor

Team Leader


Aleš Vysocký

Design Coordinator


Daniel Huczala



Petr Oščádal



Dominik Heczko

Mechanical Designer


Lukáš Káňa

Mechanical Designer


Jakub Mlotek

Mechanical Designer


Daniel Vrbka

Mechanical Designer


Jan Jochec

Electro Specialist


Petr Široký

Fundings Manager


Zdeněk Zeman

Mechanical Designer

Our rover

The rover is designed to be lightweight and configurable. This is achieved by using aluminium extrusions as a frame.

The suspension was evaluated in dynamic simulations. It is designed to keep all four wheel in continuous contact with the ground.

The manipulator can reach around and under the rover. And provides versatile solution to many tasks thanks to replaceable end effectors.


About competition

Competition taking place in Starachowice, Poland was devided into 4 tasks.

  • Collection task, where the rover had to find and collect 3 caches
  • Maintanance task which was a proof of agility of the arm, rover had to change states of different switches and knobs on industrial panel
  • Science task where the rover collected and analysed surface and deep soil samples
  • Traverse task where the rover had to find the way and reach waypoints blindly (operator had no inforamtion from cameras or sensors)

We also received many points on supplementary tasks as Presentation task and documentation reports before the competition

Success of the team

5th place out of 65 teams from the whole world is a great success for our team! As a bonus we won special "Fair Play" for good attitude to referees, inovative design and great success of first year team.

Contact us

This web is under construction, but you can contact us in order to get more details.

VŠB-TU Ostrava
17. listopadu 15/2172
708 33 Ostrava – Poruba


+420 737 570 794