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Robot Hardy


Multipurpose service, emergency and rescue tracked robot (cooperation with Strojírny Třinec a.s., Fite a.s., Robotsystem s.r.o.).

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Basic parameters

Chassis: tracked
Steering: differential steering (skid)
Drive: each track driven by one wheel
Motors: - diesel engine with hydr. unit and el. generator
- 2 rotary hydraulic motors for drive
- rotary hydraulic motors for 2 arm joints
- TGDrives DC motors for 3 arm joints
- 3 Maxon DC motors for functions of the effector
- 3 hydraulic cylinders for gripper jaws
- servos for cameras positioning
Sensors: - incremental position sensors in the arm motors
- stereovision camera head on the arm
- two cameras on the chassis
- rear camera on the chassis
Control system: remote wireless control of all functions from a PC
Data transmission: - Radiocrafts RC1280HP (868 MHz) for driving
- Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) for cameras pictures (TCP)
- Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) for main control and sensors data (UDP)
Dimensions: - overall:3100 x 2060 x 2910 mm
- arm links lengths: 1250 mm, 950 mm, 973 mm
- horizontal reach of the arm (radius): 2200 mm
Weight: 4500 kg
Max. load: 300 kg in gripper
Extinguishing medium: water, 400 l/min flow, 0.6 MPa (max. 1.2 MPa) pressure
Driving speed: max. 10.6 km/h

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