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Since its establishment in 1989, the Department of Robotics has been focusing on the complex field of robotics - in education, research and science and expert services for practice. According to the current trends the department members concentrate also on the service robotics and robototechnics and on application of robots in non-machinery branches (read more).

Various products of the Department of Robotics, especially mobile robots, can be seen in action each year (since 2010) on the NATO Days, the biggest air, army and security show in Central Europe.

The original version of this web is in Czech language and not all pages have their English equivalent yet, but we hope that you will find here everything potentially interesting for you. The pages in Czech language only are mostly intended primarily for our students, anyway.

International students, internship, scholarship

The department is open to international students and interns. A lot of students from Brazil, Spain, Portugal, U.S.A., Croatia, France, Poland and Ukraine have already absolved their internships, studies or scholarship (Erasmus, IAESTE, ...) on the department.

All people interested in any type of cooperation with the department are always welcome. Study in Czech language is free even for international students.

Detailed information about study, internship and scholarship can be found on the university pages for international students.

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