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Department Classrooms and Laboratories

The Department of Robotics provides its students for lessons and individual work two computer classrooms (D122 a D123) and a specialized Robotics Centre containing a modern lecture room, another computer classroom and practical laboratories.

Computer Classrooms D122 and D123

Both classrooms are located on the ground floor of the end side of building D.

photo of the D122 classroom

Classroom D122




photo of the D123 classroom

Classroom D123

classrooms placement plan

These air-conditioned computer classrooms are used for instruction of courses requiring active use of computers by the student, that means seminars (but also lectures) of CAD, Visual Basic, Terminal Project, Control Systems of Service Robots, Image Processing and Analyzing etc.

When there is no lesson held, students can use both classrooms for working on their projects and other activities. It is also possible to use the drawings plotting service.

Classrooms equipment:

  • 19 powerfull up-to-date personal computers (9 on D122, 10 on D123).

Telephone numbers:

  • D122: 5441
  • D123: 5439

Robotics Centre

Examine the Robotics Centre: photos | interactive tours (3D) | video samples

In the end of 2009 was the Robotics Centre equipped with newly purchased modern industrial robots ABB IRB140 (3 pcs) and Mitsubishi RV2-AJ (2 pcs). You can see photos from the whole year in the gallery Robotics Centre 2009. In 2012 were the ABB robots supplemented with a conveyor allowing cooperation of multiple robots in one task. In autumn of 2012 another new worplace was created with an industrial robot ABB IRB360 FlexPicker. The current state can be seen in gallery Robotics Centre 2012.

The Robotics Centre is located in the premises of student's dormitories, entrance is next to the fitness centre.

photo of robotics centre

Automation of technol. processes lesson
using a FisherTechnik set


photo of robotics centre

Programming ABB robots IRB140


photo of robotics centre

Workplace for stepper motor control tasks


photo of robotics centre

Application of strain gauge
on the APR20 robot arm


photo of robotics centre

Students celebrating their final exam

robotics centre location plan

The Robotics Centre is used for education of students, work on bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses, scientific and technical activities of the department staff, training of outside specialists and general promotion of robotics.

Labels of the parts of the Robotics Centre:

  • UCR (KaMT29a) - a lecture room in the back side of the Robotics Centre
  • LCR (KaMT29) - laboratories of the Robotics Centre

The centre consists of few separated spaces:

  • A modern audiovisual lecture room (isolated from the laboratories).
  • A computer classroom for seminars located directly in the laboratory.
  • A workplace for experimental methods (minor service robotics).
  • Few workplaces with industrial robots.
  • A control systems workplace (PLC, IPC).
  • An enclosed workplace for individual work on students' projects and theses (computers and a small electro-mechanical workshop).
  • A machinery workshop for physical realization of projects.

Robotics Centre equipment:

  • personal computers, industrial PCs, distributed control systems, PLCs, FESTO laboratory workplace, WIFI,
  • industrial robots: 1x ABB IRB360 FlexPicker, 3x IRB140 ABB, 2x RV2-AJ Mitsubishi, OJ-10, PROB-20, portal robot AZP, 2 German robots VW,
  • 2 school English robots RTX UMI,
  • school robots Buran and BUR&NOS - department products,
  • 6 mobile robots (built on the department),
  • special senzors for mobile robotics.

Telephone number:

There are also final examinations of department students held in the Robotics Centre audiovisual lecture room. This brings the advantage of bigger privacy and better concentration in comparison with the crowded buildings D or K.

more photos | interactive tours (3D) | video samples

photo of robotics centre
Workplaces in the back side
of the Robotics Centre
photo of robotics centre
Overall view of the font side
of the Robotics Centre
photo of robotics centre
3 new workplaces with ABB robots

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